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All our services are carried out at our premises in Nutfield.  Consultations run daily Monday to Saturday by appointment with Nikki or Michael.  Operations take place Mondays to Fridays; inpatients are admitted for surgery by one our veterinary nurses, between 9am and 10am for their premeds and procedures.  Out of hours cover is provided for all our clients from 6.30pm-8.30am everyday, including weekends and Bank Holidays, by Vets Now providing quality emergency care.  Simply phone the clinic on 01737 822250 and a contact mobile will be given for direct contact with the vet on call.  For more details, map and directions visit www.vets-now.com/find-an-emergency-vet/caterham/


If your pet is admitted into the clinic for treatment and care, they will be monitored and attended to by vets Nikki or Michael assisted by Hayley or Kim, our qualified and registered nurses.  Your pet will be constantly assessed and observed, with medication, fluid therapy and other treatment given as necessary.  We consider each individual need of your pet and will ensure they return home after recovery when well as soon as possible.


If your pet is coming in for a surgical procedure or operation, they should have had no food after 8pm the night before and no breakfast that morning (including treats and chews).  They can have water overnight but the water taken away on the morning of their operation.  Your cat should stay indoors overnight and dogs should be given a short walk for the opportunity to go to the toilet beforehand (avoiding muddy areas).  Generally, inpatients are admitted at 9am; given a premed to prepare them for surgery and into theatre between 11am and 1pm.  We normally ask you to phone in about 1pm onwards when we can give you a progress report and arrange a time for your pet to go home.  You will be given post-operative instructions regarding feeding and after care and an appointment will be made for a post-op check up.

Pain Relief

To ensure that our patients are as comfortable as possible, before, during and after their surgery, they are given a combination of a non-steroidal anti-infammatory as well as an analgesic providing pain relief for 24 hours.

General Anaesthesia

Prior to their anaesthetic your pet will be given a thorough physical examination to ensure that they are  able to undergo the procedure.  In addition to this we also offer an elective pre-anaesthetic blood testing to assess liver and kidney function, blood glucose as well as check for anemia or low blood protein.  The combination of anaesthetics and sedatives used are individually tailored to meet the needs of your pet based on their age, health and procedure being performed.  


We have an in-house laboratory fully equipped to run health screening tests, pre-general anaesthetic blood tests and other diagnostic tests.  More specific tests are sent to an external laboratory for investigation.  If your pet has to have a blood test, we aim to take the sample as quickly and as painlessly as possible, to minimise any stress and discomfort.

X-rays and Ultrasounds

The practice has up-to-date digital X-ray equipment and an ultrasound scanning machine on site; results are instant so your pets receive the highest standard of care and diagnostic interpretation.

Xray Ultrasound Labpic Theatre TheatreNW dog with buster

House Visits

House visits are available by phoning the clinic, preferrably before 10am, so that we can arrange the vet's diary accordingly.  A visit fee is charged for this service and we can give an estimate of cost if required.

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